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On this page I will record our homeschooling experiences.  The twins are in the 7th grade this year.  One is a little more accelerated than the other, so their education will be personalized.  Since math is not my area of expertise, I will be taking the girls to Sylvan Learning Center.  I'm looking forward to a great year!

Saturday, July 30, 2005
On Monday I will go to the Board of Education to submit my NOI (Notice of Intent).  In WV we are required to have an NOI submitted two weeks in advance of the beginning of school.  I also have to take my high school diploma (minimum requirement) or college diploma.  In my case, I have a copy of my teacher certification.  I will borrow the 7th grade textbooks to supplement my SOS software.  Since this is my first year of homeschooling, I am learning as I go.  (See my homeschool resource page for informational links.)
Monday, August 1, 2005
I have just returned from the BOE.  I was discouraged from homeschooling!  (I had heard similar tales.)  The man asked my reasons for homeschooling.  Did I know that Wood County could not give the girls a high school diploma when they graduate?  Did I know that special school programs were available for children who struggled?  I felt compelled to tell him that I was a certified teacher.  Then he explained that not everyone can teach everything.  Had I thought of that?  Struggling to keep my patience, I told him that I plan to use Sylvan Learning Center as a resource.  My husband can teach upper math.  (I had taught elementary school.)  I also have hired an art teacher.  He asked for copies of my paperwork.  Looking at my NOI, he said that I didn't have to have one.  I can just fill out their form, so I did, knowing that the NOI was sufficient.  I'm wondering how parents without educational degrees are treated!  I called my husband to tell him all this, and he told me not to let them intimidate me. 
Next I went to a former elementary school to pick up our textbooks.  I had the girls with me to help carry the books to the van.  I walked into the office.  Three women looked at me without smiles or greetings.  I finally told the closest one to the door what I needed.  She asked me if I was approved to homeschool.  I said yes, that I had just come from the BOE. Again, out from my mouth came, "I'm a certified teacher."  I very much felt defensive. 
While she was collecting our books, the girls and I discussed how one should greet their customers.  Would they feel comfortable returning to an office where no one made you feel welcome? 
PM - Well, I was so excited to receive the textbooks, that we started after supper!  I had one happy twin and one not so happy twin.  We did a little spelling, math drills, then we organized their notebooks.  I had to remind them that when we were working, I was their TEACHER.  That's going to be an ongoing problem, I think.  I spent the rest of the evening planning the week.  We're starting out slowly since school hasn't officially started. 
I have installed my SOS program but haven't had time to learn it yet.  That's my Sat. chore for this week.  Then Sunday is Twinsburg for the Twins Days festival.  It's a lot of fun.  Thousands of twins attend.  This year my parents are going too.  Next week, the girls can write about their experiences.
One of the girls loved a quote she read today, so I suggested they start a journal to record their favorites.  My twin who wants to be a journalist (because someone praised a paper she wrote last year) asked me to install MS Works on her laptop so that she can journal on the computer.  
That's it for tonight.  This is Preview Day, and so far, so good! 
Friday, August 12, 2005
I asked the girls to read the first story in their Literature books "Riki Tiki Tavi."  They were then asked to research the author.  They were fascinated to find that Rudyard Kipling had been in foster care.  A unit study might evolve from this discovery.  What about researching famous people who were once foster children?  One of the girls mentioned that Kipling had also written poetry.  (I had forgotten this.)  So his poetry might be another research topic. 
*I'm having so much fun!*

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